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The Company

GnoSys Global Ltd is a multidisciplinary science and technology innovation company, combining depth of knowledge in physical science and engineering with commercial expertise.

History of Gnosys


GnoSys emerged from the Polymer Research Centre (PRC) at the University of Surrey in 2006. The experience of the PRC staff and particularly Prof. Gary Stevens, produced a dynamic research and development company.

partners of Gnosys


GnoSys has worked with innumerable organisations spanning business, academe and government. Working relationships range from small consultancy interactions to large consortium projects.

People of Gnosys


GnoSys consists of staff and associates spanning the fields of chemistry, physics, engineering and computer science.

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GnoSys recruits experienced, qualified scientists and engineers with a passion to undertake consultancy and research projects.

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Latest News

Gnosys at INSUCON 2017

Gnosys will be presenting two papers at the IEEE sponsored Insucon 2017 conference being held in Birmingham (16th – 18th May, 2017) and presenting our recent work on self-healing insulation systems and the application of chemometric based spectroscopy to rapid materials assessment.

Self-repairing fluid filled cables

Gnosys is working with electricity operators Northern Powergrid and UK Power Networks on a ground-breaking, environmentally friendlier new technology which could result in millions of pounds of savings each year, using self-repairing polymers and resins to minimise leakage from damaged fluid filled cables.

Gnosys at LCNI 2016

Gnosys attended this year's Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference in Manchester (LCNI-2016) between 11th to 13th October.

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