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GnoSys has strong links with the power sector and the polymer and chemical industries. Our work transcends the boundaries between business, government and academe.
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Electricity Transmission

GnoSys has worked with many clients on a large number of projects in the electricity transmission and distribution sectors in the UK and Europe and with high voltage equipment manufacturers in Europe and North America.

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Polymers & Composites

GnoSys has worked with many clients involved in polymer production, compounding and masterbatching with a view to supporting materials development, quality assurance and application.

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas sector faces many challenges on both environmental and economic fronts. GnoSys has much to offer both in experience and in toolsets.

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GnoSys has engaged with the manufacturing sector at a number of stages from process design and optimisation in relation to improving resource efficiency, to process monitoring and end of life quality assurance of both materials and products.

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Fuel Cells

GnoSys has run a number of fuel cell material development projects focusing on areas such as membrane hydration and electrical conductivity.


GnoSys has worked to support medical device development including drug delivery systems, particularly for metered dose inhalers and in the assessment of new polymorph drug variants in the pharmaceutical industry.

Chemicals & Fine Chemicals

The importance of chemical safety and risk assessment is recognised in REACH and GnoSys has been active in assessing the exposure element of formal risk assessment, including chemical fire retardants.